Certificate in English Language Teaching – Primary (CELT-P)

CELT-P Overview

Being a teacher could be a dream especially if you have a good English language structure as a second language,

mostly when you start teaching in the Primary schools. Consequently, this dream could be achieved easily with taking the CELT-P Certificate, provided by Cambridge English Assessment.

It stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching-Primary which is a great opportunity to teach English as a second language for young learners from 6–12 year-old.

Also, it will enhance your teaching skills and methodologies, as you will be able to deliver the best to a large number of  learners.

About CELT-P Program

CELT-P is a 120-hour course, which combines online study and teaching practice. You can see descriptions of each course component below.

There are 27 hours of optional additional material for teachers to extend and practise what they have learned during the online course, which is delivered face-to-face in the classroom.

Course component


English Language Teaching (ELT) methodology

Nine online modules

  • Key concepts and principles
  • A range of activities that engage participants with course content
  • Regular progress tests to check learning.

Optional face-to-face
seminar for each online module

  • Extension of the online materials
  • Practice activities and support: up to 27 hours of face-to-face study.

Teaching practice

A practical written task for
each online module

  • A range of tasks in which participants apply their online learning in their classroom.

Teaching observations

  • Developmental feedback from trainers
  • Consolidation of online learning.

There are nine CELT-P modules.
All nine modules focus on theory and practice and can be completed in any order.

CELT-P Modules
CELT-P Modules 2
CELT-P Modules

Each module has a number of lessons, which all have the following structure:

  • an introduction to the topic
  • learning activities
  • activities that check learning
  • activities that focus on practical classroom applications
  • a review of what’s been learned
  • a short, multiple-choice progress test
  • further reading.

You will be assessed in the following ways:

Assessment component

Assessment type

English Language
Teaching methodology

  • Completion of the online modules and progress tests
  • A multiple-choice teaching knowledge test
    (TKT: Module 1).

Teaching practice

  • Completion of portfolio tasks
  • Assessment of teaching.

Participants who complete all the modules and assessments will receive the CELT-S qualification. The qualification is awarded at Pass or Pass with Merit.

CELT-P benefits

CELT-P helps the teachers to:

  • Create strategies for the challenges of teaching English as a foregin language.
  • Obtain Classroom management with large numbers of classes and learners.
  • Develop their understanding and ability to respond to the specific needs for any learner.
  • Be able to use the available resources to support their learners in the classroom in a more effective way.
  • Be able to use the available resources to support your learners in the classroom in a more effective way.

should you take the CELT-P Certificate?

It could be a really good module for people who want to start a teaching career for young learners.
It’s really ideal for the people who use English as a second language.
Takers will gain two certificates from Cambridge CELT-P and TKT: Module 1.
The online module is really flexible to study with low levels of access controls.

CELT-P Entry Requirements

English language Level B1 or above according to CEFR.
In case you don’t know what is your current level we are happy to help you through our placement test which is created on the CEFR stander.

Become a Certified Teacher today.

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