Placement test for the English Language

Placement test Overview


Placement Test is required in all the fields under different definitions. It’s normally used to measure your skill and experience to see if you can fit in or not, but when it comes to the language it does have other ways of measuring.

Placement test is used to know your actual level in every skill from the four skills which are, (Listening – Reading – Speaking – Writing) . Each one of them helps to determine the actual band according to the CEFR.

Benefits of Placement test

  • Full report of your band with verbal feedback from qualified instructor
  • Know your weakness points in each skill.
  • Get the plan to where you should start from.
  • You are measured according to the CEFR.

What is the placement test in Real Academy?

In Real Academy we have our placement test ,by which, you are going to be fully analyzed in every aspect of the English Language for two hours to make sure we cover every single aspect related to your band and level

Firstly, you are going to start with the (Listening – Reading and Writing – Grammar and Vocab) for the first 1 hour and 20 minutes. Secondly, you are going to take a break for 10 minutes and start your (Speaking) which is about 15 minutes.
Then our evaluation about your band will be fully completed and the feedback will be given on spot about your band level according to the CEFR.

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Common FAQS

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