General English Course (Day2Day)

Why take General English Course (Day2Day)?

Our General English Course (Day2Day) is designed to improve the level of your English Language and the language skills in different bands.

Accordingly, our focus in this General English course is to make sure you are able to use, develop and consequently, improve the language in your daily life activities (Work, home, friends, studying with your kids, your study) with confidence in all the main aspects of the language (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening).

IELTS Preparation Course

What are the steps
you need to improve your English?

1-You need to know your current level in the language, which is going to give us a clear vision on the four aspects (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening). Additionally, knowing the weaknesses and the strengths points in every aspect. This will let us decide which level you can start at according to the CEFR.

2-Then, you will get a full-detailed report about your progress in the test, besides an organized plan to follow in our General English Course (Day2Day).

3-Finally, We will be happy to have you in our classes as one of our students in the Day2Day program, where you are going to find a wide range of  information, tips, materials taught by experienced teachers in our academic team.

What are the benefits of
this General English course (Day2Day)?

Our IELTS Preparation course will include:

Initially, you will get full detailed feedback for your Placement test progress according to The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) alongside with an organized plan to track your progress.
Secondly, you will be exposed to a wide range of everyday topics ,have enough practise and receive useful resources.
Above all, an (Individual study plan) (ISP) which is our platform that is going to help you practice English daily through all the week. That's why we call our course (Day2Day).
Then, the materials you take in your class will also be divided weekly and will be added to your individual study plan in your materials section, so you don't need to search for more materials. Subsequently, this helps you to keep all your study in one place.
Finally, we like to keep an eye on our students' progress. That's why we have added two checkpoints with 2 Exams, Mid Exam and Final Exam, because we do believe in assessing and monitoring our learners all the way during the course.

Course Information:

Total number of levels: 14 Levels
Total number of weeks per level: 5 weeks.
Number of sessions per week: 2 times per week.
Session Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Improve your English language today.

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