Practice IELTS with IELTS Mock-Test

IELTS Mock Test Overview

The fear of taking the IELTS Test is normal because this test can totally change your life.

That’s why we are here to help you overcome that fear , in addition to developing your skills and improving them to pass the test from the first time with your desired score through our preparation for IELTS

However, the preparation alone is not enough. So you need to be prepared for the test conditions, learn how to implement what you have studied through the course. All of this will be practiced through an IELTS Mock Test.


IELTS Mock Test is designed to simulate the actual IELTS test for practice purposes as well as know both of the test’s format and the correction criteria.

IELTS Mock Test Sections

The IELTS Mock Test covers the 4 skills exactly like the real IELTS test which are (Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking).

They all follow the same sequence as in the real exam. However, speaking could change depending on the exam slots and times, it might be after or before the exam starts.

Every section has a limted time. So, the Exam sections (Listening – Reading – Writing) will be done without any breaks. (2.5hrs)

  • Listening Time : 30 Minutes.
  • Reading Time:  1 Hour.
  • Writing Time: 1 Hour.
  • And Speaking Time: 15 Minutes Max.

There is no difference in the sections’ times for both Exam modules (Academic or General) except for the listening section in the Computerized IELTS, which will not contain the extra 10 Minutes to transfer the answers.

Benefits of Practsing IELTS Mock Test?

Practicing the IELTS Mock Tests could help you with:

  • Knowing the test format.
  • Knowing the correction criteria.
  • Getting a fully detailed feedback in every section
  • knowing your weaknesses as well as the strengths.
  • Getting tips, tricks and techniques on how you can improve the weaknesses.
  • Testing yourself under the time conditions.
  • Improving your writing speed and organizing skills.
  • Developing the time management skills with every time you practise through the tests.
  • Overcoming the fear and earning the confidence to take the real IELTS Test.

Feel the environment of the real IELTS Test.

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