Individual Study Plan (ISP)

IELTS Test Overview

We understand your desire for learning, improving your skills as well as enhancing your English language.

That’s why we are proud to provide solutions in all aspects to improve the English Language through our programs, such as ( IELTS Preparation ProgramsGeneral English ProgramsCELT-S (Cambridge Assessment program) – CELT-P(Cambridge Assessment program) – Train The Trainer (Cambridge Assessment program) – IELTS Mock Test and many others.

We also are fully aware that our learners could have long, rough and busy days throught the week. So we decided to support them by creating an organized, planned, well designed individual study plan that provides information, tips, tricks, techniques and strategies, which are presented in a platform that is easy to be accessed and used through any device (LaptopPhoneTablets) anywhere and anytime. 

In addition, all of that is implemented and presented in (IELTS Study Plan) for the IELTS Takers and (Individual Study Plan) for the General English Takers.


IELTS Study Plan

IELTS Takers do need a different type of preparation because they are building more than just a language. They improve (Personal Skills – Soft Skills – English language – Techniques – Time management).

We created the IELTS Study Plan to cover all the areas that ,we suggest, most of the IELTS takers need, and consequently can implement in the (IELTS Mock Test).

The IELTS Study Plan is divided into weeks. In each week their will be a 7 -day plan discussing various topics. All of them include tips, info, techniques and exercises that is needed in all aspects.

Individual Study Plan

General English Takers need to be able to master their language skills in learning and developing, but what is more important is Practicing , as it is the key to master any skill whether it is daily or not.

That’s why our individual study plan provides to our General English takers ( Learning, improving and practicing) the language main skills (Reading – Writing – Speaking – Listening).

Benefits of the Individual Study Plan.

Auto correction.
Instant feedback.
Unlimited times of attempts for any topic.
Privacy for your own progress and results.
Full access for all the topics for a month after you finish the program.
Daily available support for any technical issues.
Easy and user-friendly communication between you and the instructors.
You can highlight any spot in any topic and write your query about it (You can choose to share it with the instructor or keep it private for personal study).

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